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1. Photo and video

Instagram is a mobile platform that’s driven by both photo and video content. Got a brand new vehicle on the lot? Share it with your audience by taking a quick picture on your phone, or better yet, upload a walk around video. The platform is also a great way to bring your customers into the dealership without them having to step a foot inside.

You’re able to share your dealership and employee culture, walk customers through your service bay or around your lot. Many dealerships are already creating and sharing this content on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, why not share it on a platform like Instagram where visual content thrives.

With an Instagram business account, you can have a CTA button attached to your account as long as it’s connected to your dealership Facebook page.

The new “Stories” feature allows your dealership to share daily updates that aren’t locked to your profile and will disappear after 24 hours similar to the functionality of Snapchat.

2. Cars are sexy

There are few things in life that photograph or videograph as well as cars.

Cars are extremely popular on Instagram with millions of users engaging with OEM instagram accounts and popular accounts like @black_list and @carlifestyle. Artistic photography that features a unique interior feature or special vehicle trim is something that might not work well on platforms like Facebook, but can be very successful on Instagram. Need inspiration? Check out some of the content from popular Instagram accounts below:


Black_List has 2.4m followers and posts 2-3 times every 24 hours. Their account features super cars, luxury cars, motorcycles and more.

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How It Works

Google recently introduced a compelling new ad extension for their paid search ads. This ad extension aptly named “message extension” allows users to send your dealership a text message directly from a paid search ad.

The message will be sent as a text message (SMS) to a phone number at the dealership and will pre-populate a message for the user such as: “I’d like more information about this vehicle. Please text me back.”


This ad extension allows the dealership to create an open dialogue with the customer through a user-friendly method of communication. This method of communication allows the user to communicate with the dealership on their own terms and using a method of communication that they carry with them everyday in their pocket.

Message extensions present a new platform for dealerships to interact with customers and potential customers. This ad extension is a powerful way to engage on-the-go smartphone users and bring the user from contact to conversion quickly.

Your dealership will have the ability to schedule these extensions so they will only be shown alongside your ads during the hours when you’re available to respond to text messages.

Each of your campaigns can have a different message extension. This means texts from message extensions can be sent to different dealership contacts for new, used, service, credit and so on.


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On Monday, November 28th, 2016 we will be hosting a lunch-and-learn at Facebook’s Toronto office titled Beyond Likes: Driving Sales with Facebook & Instagram.

The Details

Where: 661 University Avenue Suite 1201, 12th Floor, Toronto, ON M5G 1M1

When: Monday, November 28th, 2016. 10:00am – 1:00pm

What: A lunch-and-learn for Canadian auto dealers to learn about paid advertising that drives sales on Facebook & Instagram


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Nowadays if your dealership is not active on social media, you’re missing a key part of your marketing mix. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube allow your dealership to build an engaged community and fuel conversation.

Most dealers are using these platforms, but to put it bluntly, they’re doing it wrong.

The goal of this piece is to educate dealers on properly using social media to build a community, create engaging social content and understand their social audiences.

The first step: understanding social media and how it’s works.



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Google is always making changes to its search index algorithm to make their product the best it can be for advertisers and users.

Lately, this has meant improving their existing algorithm for mobile devices. With mobile searches overtaking desktop searches, this should be no surprise.

Their latest announcement means taking their algorithm one step further by moving from mobile-friendly to a mobile-first search index in the coming months.

Mobile-First Search Index: Google will be indexing the mobile versions of pages as their primary index.

The desktop search index will not be removed, but it will be given less weight than the the mobile-first search index.

So this makes sense, but how does it affect your dealership website?


In the coming months, Google will be changing their search index from desktop to mobile-first.

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