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Does your dealership spend hours a month updating actual vehicle transaction prices to match incentives? What about rolling back prices on select units new or used for a 3 day sale event? Do you need the ability to show a Cash Price, Finance Price and Lease Price with calculators that update to the corresponding discount? eDealer’s bulk pricing feature is designed to save you time and solve the complex nature of transactional to-market inventory pricing.

What does this feature do?

A dealership would be able to select:

-If they are updating the actual price of the vehicle (either Suggested, Internet, or MSRP Price), or
-If they would like to set their Suggested Price to an inflated price.

After the user decides which type of update they want to perform, they would:
-Enter an percentage of the Suggested Price, Internet Price, or MSRP, or
-Enter a fixed amount

Once complete, the user would then be able to schedule when the price update should take affect and when it should expire:

Inventory Bulk Price Updates

The last step the user will be to confirm the changes they will be making to the vehicles:

Inventory Bulk Price Updates

Contact support for training on this great new feature.

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Do you want to have a grid on desktop but a mobile optimized list view?  eDealer’s latest update to our grid feature enhances your ability to dynamically apply the filters against a single page of inventory on desktop while maintaining a mobile first list view.  See it here:


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Contact to enable the Finance/Lease From feature which automatically highlights the lowest Monthly or Bi-Weekly (optional) payment based upon current OEM incentives:

Best Finance and Lease Payments

Send an email to support stating you would like to enable:

Finance From Payments
Lease From Payments
Or Both Lease/Finance From Payments
Indicate Bi-weekly or Monthly

Your payments will be up on the site within 3 business days!

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Now available, data from the IIHS Crash test syndicated into your VDP’s. This includes historical records for your used inventory along with recent crash test data for new in-stock.


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Add Rich vehicle information, ratings and 3rd party reviews with our data feed for New OR Used VDP’s

Now available for integration, syndicate vehicle information data feed directly into your VDP’s!

Example NEW:


What does a review look like?

Average Overall Rating

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