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Contact to enable the Finance/Lease From feature which automatically highlights the lowest Monthly or Bi-Weekly (optional) payment based upon current OEM incentives:

Best Finance and Lease Payments

Send an email to support stating you would like to enable:

Finance From Payments
Lease From Payments
Or Both Lease/Finance From Payments
Indicate Bi-weekly or Monthly

Your payments will be up on the site within 3 business days!

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Now available, data from the IIHS Crash test syndicated into your VDP’s. This includes historical records for your used inventory along with recent crash test data for new in-stock.


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Add Rich vehicle information, ratings and 3rd party reviews with our data feed for New OR Used VDP’s

Now available for integration, syndicate vehicle information data feed directly into your VDP’s!

Example NEW:


What does a review look like?

Average Overall Rating

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Do you price your cars to market? Would you like to show you clients real time, 3rd party insights into your inventory. eDealer recently integrated rating badges on both our VLP and VDP pages. This feature will allow your dealership to automatically display CarGurus’ “Good Deal” and “Great Deal” ratings on qualify inventory on your website. This is a no cost feature request.


Click to Enlarge:


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eDealer has introduced innovative sort capability for new and used in-stock that gives preference to the primary dealer’s vehicles when there are multiple dealer’s inventory on a website. If a visitor hits a website (let’s say ABC Motors) and that site has multiple inventories showing from other dealers in the group, we have now have the ability to show ABC Motor’s inventory first (above all other dealers). If a user specifies a sort through the sort dropdown, then it will sorted based on that criteria, rather than by dealer.

In addition, we show the primary dealer’s vehicles first before other dealerships. For example, if a visitor filters based on the Sedan body style, then it will show Sedan’s from ABC Motors first, then Sedans from other dealers in the group.


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