Build and Price for Dealership Websites with Incentives

Build and Price
for Dealership Websites with Incentives

OEM Tools and Incentives
for your Dealership Websites

OEM Tools and IncentivesOEM Tools and IncentivesOEM Tools and IncentivesOEM Tools and Incentives

A good website connects shoppers with dealers. A great website sells the value and benefits of your product before the shopper contacts the dealership.

Take a step in the right direction with e-Dealer Build & Price / Model Showroom. All the key manufacturer data and incentives your site has been missing can now be added to your existing dealership website. You can add our bolt on Build & Price with Model Showroom to any platform, any time. No term commitment, and no hassle set-up.

The key value proposition in a great online presence is information. The more quality transparent information you provide online, the more trust you build with shoppers. Today’s dealership website is more interactive and revealing than ever before.

At e-Dealer we believe your dealership website should include the same consistent information and data as your manufacturer site, with the one thing your manufacturer doesn’t offer: A local dealership with inventory.

What are the key benefits to
adding Build & Price to my
Dealership Website ?
Build and Price Features

1 | More vistitors to your website

Most dealers see a 15% minimum increase in organic traffic along with a net 10% increase in form conversion.

Build and Price Features

Build and Price Features

2 | Stay Up to Date

Automated Manufacturer Incentives which always keep your website up to date with current offers.

Build and Price Features

Build and Price Features

3 | Shoppers are engaged and informed

It all comes down to interaction. Build & Price will increase your engagement metrics and provide a more interactive medium for shoppers to consume valuable information.

Build and Price Features


Do you use I-frames?

No, our Build & Price is added on a sub-domain to your existing website and contains machine readable data along with dynamic title bars and URLs. Since our Build & Price is hosted on your domain, you will receive all the SEO benefits as if it were part of your existing website.
Example URL:

Does it work on mobile?

Yes, the platform is responsive from the ground up and is optimized for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.

How do the Manufacturer Incentives update?

Manufacturer incentives update daily from our data aggregate provider. Our data provider supplies manufacturer data for most vendors and all manufacturers in North America.

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