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    Learn the tips and tricks to get the most out of your online marketing spend!

As we have discovered with most of our clients, spending hard earned dollars on digital assets or traditional media is the easy part…having staff execute on a set series of best practices or really taking the time to determine ROI on the spend…hard. This is where e-Dealer’s consulting services come in to play. We can design a custom consulting package for:
  • Dealership
  • Dealership Group
  • Dealer 20 meeting

  • Manufacturer training event
  • Industry Conference
  • Industry Event

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We focus on the metrics that matter and a proven set of retail focused best practices that we know will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line results.

Why KPI’s aren’t for financial statements!

Although Key Performance Indicators are used extensively in financial reporting, they have often overlooked in analyzing your dealerships online performance. Often because companies you may be spending money with don’t want you to realize how poorly their site, product or medium performs on a Cost per Vehicle Sold (CPVS) basis. The metrics associated with online marketing tell you, the dealer principal, the story of your customers. The KPI’s of importance will let you know:

  • Who’s coming?
  • Who’s going?
  • Where are they from?
  • How did they get here?
  • What did they look at?

  • How long did they stay?
  • Did they like what they want?
  • Did they come back?
  • Did they call me?
  • Did I get an email?

  • Did I book an appointment
  • Did I sell a car, truck or SUV?
  • How much did it cost me?
  • Did I book a service Appointment?
  • Sell a Part?

It’s important to understand and dissect these KPI’s just as you would on your Financial Statement. With a custom e-Dealer consulting package, we can uncover the truth behind the numbers for not only our services but for your entire marketing dollar spend. Contact us today!

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