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  • Search Engine Optimization: An Essential Building Block of Success

In 2004 e-Dealer pioneered organic optimization in the automotive industry with the launch of our first marketing portal. Search engine optimization is an essential building block of any successful online marketing campaign. Websites today are held to higher standards than ever through user expectations of both the information provided and the quality of their experience.

As an industry leader, we strive to stay ahead of the curve in all aspects of our business. SEO services are no different. We provide all aspects of on page search engine optimization to our customers, regardless of product or package. This is why we refer to SEO as an essential service, not a product. Many of today’s marketers sell SEO services as a product or ongoing subscription. At e-Dealer, we believe SEO is an essential building block and must be included free of charge to all of our customers.

During your campaign assessment period, your e-Dealer specialized expert will review a number of search engine optimization benchmarks and goals. A plan which incorporates both sound SEO practices and consumer behavior insights will set in motion in conjunction other campaign initiatives.

The key to overall organic success has more to do with influencing the consumer than ever before. Showing up on page one – position one isn’t the only challenge today. With a frequently changing search engine (Google) landscape, it’s important to understand the impacts of today’s decisions – tomorrow. At e-Dealer, we’ve been predicting these trends for over a decade and will continue to leverage our experience to keep our dealers ahead of the curve.

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