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  • Youtube Video Advertising for Car Dealers

    Youtube Video Advertising for Car Dealers

Video advertising is the most cost effective emerging digital marketing channel available. Leveraging networks like Youtube Trueview, we have an opportunity to reach consumers with brand messaging at a fraction of the traditional branding media cost. By entering an under-utilized marketplace in the Auto Industry, you marketing dollars will yield an unprecedented return on investment.
Content is king in video messaging and advertising. The greatest challenge our partners face in entering the video pre-roll marketplace is CONTENT. The key to success is arrive with a plan, and deliver a message.
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1 | Create a Brief
You e-Dealer marketing consulting will develop a compelling value proposition and key message(s) with your team.
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2 | Write the Script
Automated Manufacturer Incentives which always keep your website up to date with current offers.
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3 | Book the Shoot
e-Dealer marketing consultant will book a time for your shoot.
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4 | Edit
Once the shoot is complete, our producer and editing staff will refine our shots.
How long will this take?
The whole process will be complete inside 3 weeks.
How much does this service cost?
Advertising budgets are determined separately from video production. Video production can run from $900 – $2000 depending on the package.
What format is the video available in?
We can produce the video in your preferred format.
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