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  • Dealer Support: Speed and Efficiency

When we say support is the foundation of our core values, we mean it. e-Dealer is built from the ground up in support; Literally. Achieving a 97% resolution rate within 24 hours on all dealer requests is no small feat. It takes a certain type of dedication that resides in the DNA of an organization and its employees.

With a ten to one support to sales staff ratio, e-Dealer offers a unique value to dealerships across Canada. When you have a problem, call the experts for a resolution. With a direct line to both experienced marketing consultants and technical support, never miss another opportunity due to poor response times and frustrating miscommunications.

All marketing initiatives require clear and concise communication. An organization which understands both the urgency and the message is paramount in deploying effective marketing strategies.

The average seven years of experience per e-Dealer team member exhibits the significance of strong organizational retention. The same translates amid our Canadian Dealer partners.

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