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  • Expertise

    PowerUp is not just a Product.
    PowerUp is a full service Dealership Marketing Solution.

The Evidence: Products come and go. Services are subjective. PowerUp by e-Dealer is a full dealership marketing solution powered by specialized individuals. Through the experience, feedback, and skill set of the e-Dealer team, PowerUp is always evolving to meet the individual needs of its users.

Consultants :

Shane Hambly

Beginning with more than 5 years experience at the manufacturer level, Shane has consistently redefined the boundaries marketing at the dealership level. A key contributor at e-Dealer for more than 7 years, there is no problem Shane won’t face head on. If you want the truth, and nothing but the truth – Call Shane today.


Kyle Orlando

Splitting time in both the US and Canada in the past, Kyle easily indentifies the difference between a successful marketing campaign in the United States vs. Canada. Integrating small dealership experience with large group initiatives, Kyle develops new ways to leverage existing resources and budget to increase dealership ROI in cash and time. A “numbers guy”, ask Kyle for a timeline or a projection, and he’ll never disappoint.


Charles Haddad

With more than 6 years experience in system administration and training, if you have a question about e-Dealer technology, Charles has the answer. Consistently striving to streamline and proactively improve systems and processes, Charles has an invaluable enthusiasm towards his profession. Completing a Bachelor’s of Commerce, focused in Information Technology Management and Enterprise Resource Planning – Charles leverages his technical background with valuable contributions in planning and development.



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