Buying a car is a major purchase for most, and before making such a big purchase, people do research. This means heading to the internet to learn everything they can about a product.


When it comes time to search for your vehicles, you want to ensure that automotive digital marketing is doing a good job of leading people to your website and providing them with answers to their questions.

Here are ten tips to help you with your automotive digital marketing.


1. Use Engaging Themes

If you don’t already have a target audience, it’s time to define one. With a target audience, you know who you’re trying to reach and can start determining how best to reach them. When it comes to automotive digital marketing, creating an engaging theme is a great way to grab your target audience’s attention.

2. Be Consistent across Platforms

Your advertising needs to clearly be yours, and this doesn’t change when you start approaching email campaigns, social media, and other digital platforms. You need to tweak your content to fit each platform (e.g., Twitter and Instagram do very different things), but your message should be consistent.

3. Use CTAs

Remember, the ultimate goal for your automotive digital marketing is to get more sales. It’s not enough just to generate likes or traffic to your site; you want people to buy. By creating calls to action (CTAs), you can tell visitors what you want them to do next, so they move forward through the buying cycle.

4. Add Value—Always

You want people to think of your dealership when they think about buying a car, but it’s not enough just to plaster your name everywhere. You want engaging content in your automotive digital marketing that draws people in and creates goodwill. Your goal should always be to share useful and engaging information your audiences care about.

5. Create Videos

The number of online videos watched daily has grown significantly in the last few years. Videos are interesting, visual, auditory, and easily shared. Learn to craft short videos of high quality for your site and social platforms.

6. Get Personal

If you want your dealership to stand out in the crowd, you have to make a potential customer feel like a person. During email campaigns, use names (not general greetings). Engage with people as human beings through social media. If you build this relationship and goodwill, yours will be the dealership people turn to when it’s time to buy.

7. Two-Way Communication

Start measuring customer feedback, and turn their suggestions into action. The best way to know what customers want is to talk to them. Surveys and focus groups are great ways to get in touch and learn. Social media is also helpful. Become a part of communities and you’ll start to see exactly what potential customers are looking for.

8. Keep It Simple

Simple often gets overlooked for flashy, big pieces. But simplicity is the best way to engage customers across platforms. A simple website gives people the info they need quickly. Focused, simple blog posts provide key pieces of information. The more complex an operation, the more there is that can go wrong.

9. Provide Special Offers

People love deals, and a great way to get people engaging in your automotive digital marketing is by providing regular opportunities. Small deals for the individual can translate into huge boons for your lot if satisfied customers are sharing their experience and deals with friends.

10. Be an Industry Expert

If you’re the industry expert online and off, people will come to trust what you say. Social media and blog posts are a great way to build this reputation. You can leverage content to expand your community, and ultimately, draw in potential customers to your dealership.

Use these ten tips as your starting point, and in no time, you’ll find success with your automotive digital marketing.