Does your dealership have an active social media account? Back in 2015, a study showed that 75 percent of car buyers were more interested in social media and review sites than a dealership’s own website for research and deciding where to make a purchase. If you’re not always on social media, it’s a good idea to get on board.


To help you get started, here are ten social media ideas for car dealerships.


1. Choose Your Platforms Wisely

Don’t just sign up for all platforms just because you can; focus on the ones that will help you sell your inventory. Facebook and Instagram are two great ones to start with. Facebook has remarkable tools for targeting specific audiences, such geotargeting. This gets your ads in front of the people most likely to buy from you. Instagram is an obvious choice because of its focus on pictures—you can attract business by showcasing your new vehicles.

2. Share “How To” Articles

When it comes to posts, a good “How To” can go a long way, especially if it’s well-timed and apt. These types of posts establish you as an expert in the industry and help people out with their problems. Consider posting articles such as “How to select a vehicle for your family” or “How to improve your credit before purchasing a car.”

3. Share Tutorials

Many car buyers don’t understand the technology in vehicles today. Helpful posts that walk them through particular features are educational and informational. They’ll appreciate the information and come to see you as an expert they can trust.

4. Share Industry Trends

Keep users coming back to your page by sharing automotive industry trends. By staying up to date and helping car buyers stay in the know, you can increase your thought leadership.

5. Create Drive Along Videos

Get two reps together and take your followers on a drive along via a video! It’s a chance to put hundreds or even thousands of people inside your car—without actually having them there.

6. Share Your Brand through Instagram Stories

Instagram is a great place to create an atmosphere that matches your business’s brand, which will attract your target audience. Specifically using the Stories feature can help you craft a feeling, not just a commercial.

7. Be Communicative

Remember: social media is a two-way street! You’re not just posting your content, you’re communicating with people. Engage with mentions and let people know you’re not just treating this as a marketing channel.

8. Tell a Story

Storytelling isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of human nature. Really dive into your ability to tell stories through social media. If you’re selling used cars, share the history of an interesting model. Talk about the production and development of a new model coming out; ask people why they chose a mini-van over a convertible. Create a community where people want to share their own stories and you’ll be able to keep your dealership top of mind.

9. Stay Committed

Whatever social media ideas for car dealerships you choose to implement, make sure you stick with it. A social media account that has only a few posts from months ago won’t do much to drive business. Shift your strategies if something isn’t working but ensure you stay active and dedicated to your online communities. Being active is the number-one best practice on any social media platform.

10. Use Analytics

Before, during, and after a campaign (or even a single post) make sure you use analytics. Determining what’s working and what’s not will help you shape future content.

With these ten social media ideas for car dealerships, you’ll be on your way to a successful social media strategy!