You sit at your desk in the back office of your dealership, going over The Numbers. You’re not worried about the lights being turned off, but you’re not exactly pleased with your profit margin, either. You’ve got the usual number of customers but don’t seem to be breaking into any new markets or generating many new leads.


You ponder for a while what must be done, but you only come up with one real solution: auto dealer marketing services. Unfortunately, your staff is already stretched thin. You don’t have the money to hire a full-time marketer in house, but maybe you can afford to outsource your marketing to the experts.

Still, you wonder, will it be worth the cost? If it doesn’t turn around and bring in more leads then you’re probably best just sticking it out and hoping for the best (which doesn’t feel like a great plan). You hop on the internet and start searching, hoping that maybe you can come up with at least a few cost-effective auto dealer marketing services that will help your dealership.


1. Lead Management

Often underrated, effective lead management can mean a huge turnover on your lot. Being able to track online, walk-in, and phone lead sources from interest through to purchase means you can start to spot trends in purchasing behaviour, and plan for it in the future. With an appropriate system, you can share tracking info with all your sales staff, so regardless of who’s working on a given day, information about a potential client isn’t lost.

On the back-end, a lead management system is a great support of your auto dealer marketing services because you can generate custom lead reports, get real-time ROI metrics, and optimize your dealership budget to make sure you’re on track for the black this quarter in your ledger.

2. Search Marketing

Your dealership needs marketing. Most people aren’t just out for a stroll and stepping onto a car lot for an impulse purchase of a new car. They are doing their research, often digitally, which means they’re inputting keywords into Google. With search marketing, you’re making sure your dealership and its ads show up on Google.

The beauty of search marketing with Google as part of your auto dealer marketing services strategy is that you pay as people click, meaning you’re only dropping money into a service when it works.

Search engine marketing will increase quality traffic to your site and increase your ROI per lead by lowering your overall customer acquisition cost.

3. Social Media Marketing

Your prospects are on social media. Whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, or another, your dealership should start leveraging these digital spaces. These platforms are a great way to drive traffic to your website, and the beauty is that the cost is often quite low and affordable. It helps leverage the use of mobile devices people search the internet on and gets your creative ads in front of the most eyes on popular platforms.

Social media marketing is also great for reaching specific demographics. So if your dealership is trying to target a specific group, such as millennials, the platform is already tracking that data. You just have to request it in your ad ask, and suddenly the Facebook millennials (specifically in your area) are seeing your ad.

These are just three possible ways you can drum up more traffic to your website through some cost-effective and affordable auto dealership marketing services. Partnering with a knowledgeable expert in the digital marketing field can maximize these positive outcomes.