Recently, you made your site responsive, and today you logged into your analytics to do a deep dive into the numbers and really see how your website is doing at converting leads into sales. The results aren’t as good as you had hoped. Something about your car dealer website design seems to be turning off potential customers.


What are good elements of car dealer website design that will increase your conversions? Here are four to get you started.


1. Visuals Matter

When it comes to car dealer website design, you want to focus on a simple, strategic colour scheme. Take a look at your dealership. Consider the colours of your logo. Then recreate that colour scheme on your site. It works to create a clear connection between your online presence and your dealership.

At the same time, consider your use of white space to highlight key features and avoid going overboard with fonts. White space creates a sense of cleanliness and has a tendency to draw the eye. Fonts, though fun to play with, need to be legible and clear.

2. Remove Distractions

No visitor really likes pop-ups, regardless of how informative they are. It’s a design trait that has outlived its usefulness, so avoid them on your site. Instead, find subtler ways to integrate your calls-to-action into your webpages. Pop-ups make your site lose credibility, something you need when trying to sell a vehicle.

3. Better Calls-to-Action

Each webpage on your site should include a call-to-action. This may be as simple as “continue reading…” or as definite as “make an appointment for a test drive.” Regardless of what the call-to-action is, consider how it is displayed. Many site owners have found that altering the font colour, size, and location on the page will increase conversions.

Using buttons rather than text links also helps, as buttons are more mobile friendly. Also, bringing said buttons to the top of the page shows an increased effectiveness as well. Try running A/B tests with your calls-to-action to see how different examples perform, then stick with the best.

4. Prominent Contact Information

The reality of the internet today is that anyone may end up on any one of your pages, bypassing the landing page you put all the time and effort into. That’s why every page should have all the essential information required to move a person closer to conversion. The number-one update you can make right now is ensuring your contact information is prominently displayed at all times. Putting it in the footer is a great start.

There are a variety of different ways you can change your car dealer website design to increase conversions, but the above tips can help get you started. The best way to decide what changes to make is to put yourself in your clients’ shoes. What would you want to see from a site? Is your website providing the key features customers need to convert? Once you can answer yes, you’ll see an uptick in conversions.