The world of marketing moves relentlessly forward. Although digital marketing and social media marketing have become buzzwords in the last few years, even these techniques are evolving and changing rapidly.

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You want to be sure you’re driving your auto marketing forward. This can sometimes be challenging, as you feel you have to keep up with the latest trends in both the automotive industry and the marketing industry at large.

Some trends are more important than others. In fact, you may decide not to call them “trends” at all. Mobile is a great example. While people have been talking about a trend towards mobile, others have already realized it’s the new engine for successful auto marketing. Here’s why.


1. More Mobile Devices Than Ever

The best reason for moving to mobile is because it’s where people are. In the past, most people accessed the internet and social media on their desktop computers. In fact, there was a point where this was the only way to access the internet.

Fast-forward a few years, and smartphones and tablets are now almost universal. The sheer number of mobile devices should give you an idea of how many people are potentially accessing your site via a mobile device.

The number of devices is also climbing, and it’s projected to continue increasing in years to come.

2. A Move to Mobile Shopping

What does it matter if there are more mobile devices? What’s more important is how people use them. In the last few years, mobile shopping has become increasingly common. Better internet plans, more robust networks, and even improving phone technology have made it so mobile is quickly becoming the preferred way for many people to access the internet.

Mobile shopping has increased year over year. In many ways, consumers find it more convenient. They can access information anytime, anywhere, so long as they have their devices in their hands. If a site is one-click, they can quickly and easily make a purchase, send an inquiry, or even chat with a representative.

3. Most Social Media Is Consumed on Mobile

Many automotive dealerships are moving towards the social selling model, which means adopting social media and other online advertising techniques. If you’ve made social an integral part of your automotive sales and marketing strategy, there’s no question about adopting mobile.

Why? Most people use mobile to consume social media. In 2016, more than 80 percent of social media time occurred on mobile. If your ads aren’t designed to be mobile-friendly or they take potential customers to a website designed solely for desktop views, a key opportunity is being missed.

4. Purchases Happen on Mobile

In the US, it was reported that more than half of consumers who shopped on mobile had made purchases in the last six months prior to being surveyed. In September 2017, around 40 percent of US consumers who saw a social media ad made a purchase of the advertised product.

What does this mean? It means you want to reach mobile shoppers with your automotive marketing. Seeing an ad for your dealership increases the chance the potential customer will buy from you. Since they’re using social media on mobile most of the time, ensuring you’re designing for and engaging with mobile increases the chances you’ll actually reach them.

5. Just-in-Time Advertising?

Another reason automotive dealerships are turning to mobile is the idea of “just-in-time” advertising. The shift to digital marketing allows consumers to see ads relevant to their current interests.

The move to mobile enhances this aspect of digital marketing. Consumers can see appropriate ads wherever they are. Perhaps they’re in the auto mall or near your dealership, so they pop by after seeing an ad.

It’s clear mobile offers many new advantages for automotive dealerships. It’s little wonder people believe it’s the engine driving auto marketing forward.