You’re starting to think about a new group of car dealership marketing ideas to boost your sales, but you’re not sure where to start. All this talk of digital does sound amazing, but where do you begin?


Here are seven effective car dealership marketing ideas you can use to increase your lot’s sales and revenue.


1. Social Advertising

Do you social? Social media is one of, if not the, most powerful marketing tool available to the modern-day marketer. The effectiveness of social media cannot but underestimated in B2C sales.

As a car dealership, Instagram and Facebook should be two of the first platforms you engage with. Learn to use their targeted paid ads, along with community building and creating an online persona for your business, and you’ll see a return on your investment.

2. Community Engagement

Once you’re present on social media, learning to become a contributing community member and creating a quality community yourself is important. The effectiveness of social media is all about social engagement. For your part, that means being an active and valuable participant in a community.

What does your dealership do the best? Do you specialize in a particular kind of vehicle? Don’t be afraid to wade into specific communities and share what you do.

3. A Better Website

Your website is your number-one sales rep and the face of your dealership online. More and more, people are conducting research online long before setting foot on a lot. That means they’ll see your website first.

Does it have the tools users need? Is the information they want readily available and easy to find? Is your website fast enough for today’s speedy surfer and is it mobile friendly?

4. Testimonials

Here’s a great piece of content you can pair with both your website and your social media accounts: testimonials. During the research phase of the buyer’s journey, people often look for community reviews. What are people saying about your vehicles; how about your lot?

By taking control of what’s being said, you will not only know what a potential buyer will find but be able to turn the conversation.

5. Videos

Videos—they’re huge right now! More and more people prefer video content on the internet over any other content type. Since you have that absolutely beautiful inventory out there on your lot—why not highlight it?

Sharing videos can support your social accounts and your website, and put you into the fast-expanding reach of YouTube.

6. Search Marketing

When someone knows they want to buy a car, you want them to find your site—not just because you have what they want but because you know they’re interested in buying. That’s a huge time saver (for both you and them).

Search marketing will use SEO best practices to get you to the top of the search results and connect you to interested buyers across the web.

7. Chatbots

A fairly new development, chatbots can do a lot for you and your leads early on in the buyer’s journey. Chatbots are pieces of AI on your website that help visitors with basic questions. They’re proving quite useful and effective across many industries; be an early adopter today and reap their benefits before your competitors do.

With these car dealership marketing ideas, you can improve your business’ sales and revenue.