Reasons to Join

Vendors who join the program will benefit from a seamless integration & maintenance process. Our mutual dealer partners will experience no interruption to service, increasing loyalty and satisfaction of tools.

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Program Benefits

  • Streamlined Installs
  • Structured Onboarding
  • Dedicated Support
  • Co-Marketing Opportunities
  • Platform Upgrade Migration & Maintenance
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Our Certified Partners

  • Digital Retailing
  • digital retailing
  • Data
  • DMS
  • call tracking
  • chat services
  • consultants
  • credit
  • reputation
  • trade-in
  • video

Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Info

What happens after July 1st, 2020?
After July 1st, we will only add and/or modify certified vendor tools on our websites.
Do all vendors have to be part of the program?
Participation is optional, however, without an agreement in place installations/maintenance of non-certified vendor tools will not occur after June 1, 2020.
Why was this program created?
The Certified Partner program was created as a response to an influx of development, implementation and maintenance requests from our vendor partners. It ensures that we are covering the associated costs, following a standardized process for all vendor partners and ensuring seamless integrations on all websites.
Will reporting be available for vendors, and if so what will it include?
EDealer will provide the vendor with a CSV on a monthly basis indicating the number of tool installs, along with a related ticket # and activation date.
What happens if a vendor doesn’t want to be part of the program but their tools are used on our websites?
If a vendor chooses not to participate in the program, their tools will remain on our dealer websites but no further maintenance nor installs will occur until an agreement is in place.
What does a vendor need to provide to be certified?
Vendors need to provide samples (scripts/mockups) of their tools for EDealer to test on our dealer websites. EDealer will then work with the vendor to create a seamless integration into our system.

Contract & Billing

What is the contract duration?
One year from the start of the contract.
Does the vendor have to sign a new contract every year?
No, contract will renew after one year, unless EDealer is notified otherwise.
What happens if a dealer removes a certified-vendor tool from their website?
Vendors are responsible for reporting dealer cancellations to the EDealer accounting team.
How will vendors be billed?
Monthly invoice supported by a credit card, on the 1st of the Month. Cheques based on a strict net 15 will also be accepted.
Can the vendor pass on these fees to their dealer partners?
EDealer strongly discourages vendors from passing these fees to their dealer partners. The program has been created to ensure the seamless integration and necessary upkeep of their tools - dealers expect these benefits when signing up for these vendor tools.