Prestige supports your business’ core needs and long-term marketing strategy

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These days, many dealers are putting more effort into other parts of their business, like fixed operations. You may be wondering how your website and digital presence can best serve you during the current business climate. Is it still worth investing in SEO and content marketing during this drought? The answer is yes!

Consistently marketing your website is a long-term investment that ensures that people can easily find you not just now, but in the future when there is enough inventory to sell. And your website presence still matters today. Whether it’s a customer needing repairs, or a new customer interested in a trade-in or new-vehicle presale for a unit that arrives in a few months, customers are still looking for your business. Given that 92% of car buyers research online before they buy, your digital presence remains a must to stay competitive in this industry.

A series of pins in a set radius around the dealership illustrate the average ranking position for Google Business Profile. The numbers are based on common queries that users search for to find dealerships like theirs in Search or Maps.

We’ve designed our new Prestige package with these changed business needs in mind. Prestige combines our technical and local SEO services with some custom content creation. We believe that these three elements are the foundation for website performance success and necessary for businesses that depend on local revenue. If we’re already your website provider, congrats! We have a deeper understanding of your business already which means our add-on services will be thoughtfully integrated to bring you success.

It’s important to build a high search ranking on Google but it’s equally important to maintain it, by consistently investing in SEO and content marketing. Google’s algorithm rewards websites that have original, consistently updated content and properly formatted, up-to-date SEO data. So if you’ve refocused some of your business efforts on your fixed operations department, you’ll benefit from marketing that division through your website content. This is where we come in!

Our Prestige package offers the following services:

  • Performance Management
    • Access to an assigned performance manager including the option for monthly calls
  • 5 monthly support hours – an additional 2 support hours over EDealer Elite
  • Google Business Profile Management 
    • Claim (where necessary) and optimization of the listing profile visible in Google Search and Maps
  • Google Maps Performance Tracking 
    • Visualize the average ranking position for Google Business Profile on map
    • Identify areas of opportunity for improvement
  • Technical SEO Essential
    • Weekly crawling of the dealer website to identify any technical SEO issues that impact the search engine’s ability to understand or index the content of CMS web pages
    • Identified tasks get executed automatically, rather than requiring you to submit requests
    • Monthly reports that include a list of errors found, explanations of the potential impact, a record of any changes or in-progress tasks, as well as any recommendations
  • 1 Seasonal or Department-Focused landing page
    • Dealers will have the ability to utilize 2 support hours for 1 Seasonal or Department- Focused landing page, including unique, custom content creation and build.

This, all in addition to the services in our Elite package, like DMS integration, model showroom, and automated manufacturer incentives. Interested in learning more about Prestige? Contact us today so we can help you achieve your goals.