It may seem daunting, but the truth is you’re just a few clicks away from effective auto dealer marketing that gets results. Consider the following options as a few first steps for beginners. Before long, you’ll be an auto dealer marketing expert.



Build a Better Website

It’s 2018, and you need a quality website that looks great, has simple functions that work, and is easy to navigate. In short, if you’d be proud to show it to your grandparents (and think they’d be comfortable navigating it) you’re on the right track. In practice, if people can use your website to achieve their goals, such as learn about the cars they’re interested in and eventually make a purchase, you’re doing great.

A good website is also optimized for mobile. Many people are going to view your website from their phones, which means your site needs to look good and function effectively when viewed from a smartphone. Building a responsive site that works well on tablets too is even better.

Get on Instagram

That’s right—we’re talking social media. For auto dealerships, that means Instagram specifically. People like cars; they think they’re attractive and like to check out the newest models. Instagram is a picture-based social media platform where users can follow, see, and like images.

By learning to leverage an Instagram account to good effect, you can draw attention to your dealership and bring in more foot traffic, online audiences, and revenue. Don’t be afraid of getting out there. The best way to do it wrong is to not try at all.


Your website should include a blog full of helpful, interesting, engaging content that draws in users and is discoverable by people looking to make purchases and learn more about new vehicle models. By creating content your audience will love, you’ll improve your search rankings in Google and other search engines, as well as establish your dealership as an expert in the field.

If you invest some time, money, and resources into the project, you will eventually create a digital space that car enthusiasts flock to for information, news, expertise, tips, and just about anything else vehicle-related. That’s a large, interested audience thinking about you first when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.

Analyze Your Data

Now we’re getting into the next-level moves, but these are important ones to learn if you’re new to auto dealer marketing. There’s a wealth of data you can collect passively through Google Analytics alone, but if you partner with a group that can provide you with the right technology and CRM, you can learn a lot about your customers’ habits.

Only by engaging with this data can you test your marketing strategies and see what’s working. You may think your strategy is doing well, but without the numbers to prove it, you’re really just throwing paper airplanes in the dark. Plan a strategy, execute, collect the numbers, analyze them, make adjustments to your strategy, and repeat. It’s hard work, yes, but it’s work that will improve your ROI in the short and long term.

The basics of auto dealer marketing are not much different than digital marketing in general. Think of your audience, make a great website, watch your numbers, and be prepared to roll with the trends. Stick with these suggestions and, in no time, you’ll see your ROI skyrocket and your revenue improve.