The market is becoming increasingly competitive for automotive dealerships. Today’s car shopper visits fewer car dealerships than ever before, and competition for potential buyers’ attention is increasing.

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Many of the old challenges of operating a dealership remain as well. You’ll still need to deal with advertising and marketing, payroll and purchasing, and inventory and hiring. Needless to say, running an automotive dealership is a challenge.

An automotive digital advertising agency can help your dealership run more smoothly than ever before.


The Advertising Side

The most obvious assistance an automotive digital advertising agency can offer your dealership is advertising services. They can help you move your marketing and advertising strategies online to the digital marketplace.

Social media and the internet have revolutionized the way car dealers reach their audiences. No longer do you need to purchase pricey TV spots or radio ads to reach potential buyers. Google search ads can be a much more economical option. Instagram videos, Facebook ads, and more can help you reach more people more effectively.

Obviously, if you want to succeed with digital advertising, you’ll need to know how to effectively leverage it. This is where an automotive digital advertising agency can help. They have the expertise to assist you in designing an online ad campaign and marketing plan. They can also help you design your materials and determine which techniques you’ll use to execute your plan.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and SEO

Digital advertising is quite different from traditional advertising. You don’t need to think about search engine optimization (SEO) when it comes to your radio ad. Search engine marketing is also something of an art; it’s a strategy you’ll need to learn how to execute efficiently.

Many people believe digital advertising is as easy as creating a quick ad with a picture on it and calling it a day. Good digital advertising takes much more into account. Working with an automotive digital advertising agency is the best way to leverage digital advertising for your dealership.

Lead Generation and Management

One of the goals of any advertising campaign, digital or not, is to generate more leads for your business. You want people to listen to your radio spot or see your TV ad and pop into your showroom. You want them to think of you the next time they need to purchase a car. Digital advertising is no different in this sense. The goal is still lead generation.

Lead management is another aspect of digital advertising to consider. Lead generation can be quite effective with digital advertising, in part thanks to more engaging techniques, multi-channel methodologies, and better targeting of potential buyers. Once you’re generating more leads, you’ll need to manage them more effectively.

Your sales team could become overwhelmed by the number of leads. They’ll also need to adjust to the way modern car buyers research and purchase. Most buyers do research prior to talking to a sales representative. They may be quite far along on the purchase journey before they ever talk to you. Managing leads helps your sales team reach leads effectively at any stage of the journey.

An automotive digital advertising agency can help you here too. They can provide the technology, tools, and expertise needed for more effective lead management. In turn, your sales team can become more effective and achieve their sales quotas more frequently.

Additional Tools

An automotive digital advertising agency can also assist your dealership’s operations in other ways. Automatic updates to your website about pricing and new inventory create more streamlined workflows and ensures the latest information is getting to your leads.

In short, there are many different ways an automotive digital advertising agency can assist you with everything from your advertising efforts to your day-to-day sales activities.