Over the past decade, our team at EDealer has worked with thousands of car dealers from coast to coast supporting and developing online marketing and website optimization tools. With a focus on everything “Value” driven, we realize we might not be the best fit for every car dealer we meet. In an industry of varying needs, experience, and budget – the best fit can be driven by any number of individual factors for a car dealer.

Here is a list of Canadian website suppliers and their individual core value propositions:

1. Strathcom Media located in Edmonton, Alberta provides Responsive Dealer Websites across Canada. With syndication and integrations at their very core, Strathcom Media has specialized in facilitating dealer integrations for over a decade. Template based responsive websites, new vehicle shopping tools, and a strong integration foundation is Strathcom Media’s primary strengths, which land them at the top of our competitive list.
a. Estimated Pricing: $700 – $1200

2. Evolio located in Montreal, Quebec has also been building Car Dealer Websites in Canada for over ten years. With a strong focus in bilingual functionality in the Quebec market, Evolio has had success working in the French speaking markets of Canada. Template based responsive car dealer websites, new vehicle spec sheets, and solid bilingual (French) functionality are the key features offered by Evolio.
a. Estimated Pricing: $600 – $1100

3. Dealer.com/Trader is located in Toronto, Ontario. Trader provides a Dealer.com template based adaptive platform to the Canadian market. Often packaged with additional Trader marketplace products, the Dealer Smart Solutions product is best matched with low engagement/high automation users. Variable packaging and marketplace integrations are the key elements creating value in Trader’s value proposition.
a. Estimated Pricing: $800 – $2500

4. Glovebox CMS located in Toronto, ON has been building Car Dealer websites over the past four years. A strong focus on simplistic template based responsive CMS has been the key value proposition. With limited new vehicle data overhead, Glovebox CMS tops off our no frills category of car dealer website providers in Canada
a. Estimated Pricing: $700 – $1000

5. Car Pages is a consumer marketplace for used vehicles in Canada. Three years ago, Car Pages launched their Dealersite+ platform for dealership websites. Dealersite+ template responsive websites offer a packaged value solution comparable to Dealer.com/Trader tied to a used vehicle marketplace. With simple layouts and a used first approach, Dealersite+ websites offer good entry-level value for budget dealers.
a. Estimated Pricing: $400 – $700

*all price estimates in Monthly CAD

When considering any website provider for your dealership, remember to consider these factors as they relate to your store:

New Vehicle Features (Franchise Dealers)

o DMS Integration included?
o On site build and price?
o New Vehicle Regional/National Incentives included?
o VIN Decoding process/availability?
o Canadian Data Provider?

Website Features

o CMS used?
o Template vs. Custom website?
o Integrations and Syndication included?
o Search Engine Optimization and Machine Readable data?
o Reporting and Access to Analytics (Google Analytics)?
o Lead Management and Distribution?
o Data Capture and Tools?

Service and Support

o Costs?
o What’s included?
o Who in dealership will be using the website and what is their experience level?
o Support turn around commitments?
o Account Manager Experience and Commitment?

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