Because your website is more than an e-commerce store

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Whether you use your website for generating leads or offering front-to-back sales transactions, your website is a platform for building sales and generating income. But it can be so much more than that. As dealerships grow their businesses online, many look at the principles of digital marketing. This strategy asks you to look at your dealership as more than just an e-commerce store and see it instead as something greater: a brand.

By communicating your business’ core values, you can find new opportunities. Yes, branding is vital for business. Potential clients will come to trust your business when they see you as a distinct brand that is approachable and has a personality that speaks to them.

Branding can also help you attract another kind of website visitor: job searchers. By using your website to advertise careers at your workplace, you can find top talent. Finding the right fit for your company ultimately affects your bottom line. When you bring in the right people, their strong performance will bring in revenue and build your reputation through their stellar customer service.

There’s no better place to host job postings than your website. Consider having a “Careers” or “Hiring” webpage that provides information about open positions. Communicate what your dealership offers potential candidates in terms of work culture, benefits, and other perks, and use this opportunity to communicate your corporate values. We recommend you take it one step further and develop a separate page or section about your corporate values. In today’s job market, many job seekers will do a fair amount of research before they show up at the interview. They do this to impress you with their knowledge during the interview. But they also want to know what it will be like to work for you. Your website is the number one place for them to find out why they should.

Check out an example of a Careers page on the website we built for our client Ontario Motor Sales. You can also visit the webpage directly. On this webpage, applicants can find all the information they need for every position and the ability to apply directly on the website.

Your website because it is your number-one visibility tool at your disposal, and you want it to show up first when job searchers Google you, instead of finding employee reviews on Glassdoor. While it’s important to put job postings on LinkedIn and Indeed, why stop there when job searchers want to learn more about your dealership? Link back to your website so job searchers can easily find you. Promote your job postings via your website as well.

Here at EDealer, we want you to succeed in every aspect of digital retailing. Our focus may be on building e-commerce solutions, but the smartest digital marketing strategy is a holistic approach. Contact us today for more information on how we can expand your website content so you can reach your branding goals today.