How’s your dealership doing? Are you managing to bring in a record number of clients to your dealership or are you closer to the other side, wondering where all the people have gone? The answer: They’ve gone digital!


More people than ever are doing most of their car shopping from the comfort of their homes. This means that, if your website isn’t using the best in car dealer web design, you may be missing out on business. But there’s good news! It won’t take that much in resources to get your site up to date, and by doing so, you’ll see a return that has a positive effect on your revenue.

If you’re still not sold on the idea, consider these ways in which your car dealer web design is impacting your sales.


The Way People Buy Is Changing

Google, click, click, buy. More and more people are comfortable making purchases from their computers, laptops, and mobile devices. That includes vehicles. At the very least, most people are doing their research long before setting foot on a dealership’s grounds.

This means you should be winning over a potential customer with your website alone, so that in the end, yours is the dealership they visit to make a purchase.

A Great First Impression

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but if your website doesn’t have an attractive appearance, odds are people will turn away. This is not to say you should consider beauty over function; however, you do need to make sure attractiveness is a major component of your car dealer web design.

That ever-important first impression is the difference between a client browsing your catalogue of inventory and clicking away to a competitor. If that sounds too simple, just think: How easily could you hit the back button on this article and go somewhere else?

Intuitive & Easy to Use

So you’ve hooked someone with a great first impression—now what? Now, your function needs to be on point. It needs to be easy for this client to navigate around your site and find what he or she is looking for. An intuitive user experience is critical today.

How good user experience translates into good car dealership web design is simple: Your customers gain access to quick and easy access to your inventory, can browse easily, and can find all the information they need as quickly as possible.

Build Trust and Credibility

These potential clients, for the most part, may never speak to your sales reps before the purchase. That means your old ways of making them feel comfortable and empowered to buy are largely ineffective—but that doesn’t mean you don’t still need to create this environment. You just need to do it digitally now.

This connects directly to the user experience. Whereas we talked about actual functions before, think about the feel of the experience. If there are dozens (or any) pop-ups getting in the way of browsing, or key information is too difficult to find, that back button is just one click to take a potential client away.

Does good car dealership web design feel daunting? It might seem overwhelming, but the secret isn’t much different from how you do it on your lot. You’ve got great stock laid out beautifully, with a helpful, knowledgeable staff willing to give time and expertise to help a client make the best choice. Just turn that into a digital presence, and your website will effectively bring in leads and sales.