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This September, Facebook is changing the way listings appear in its Marketplace platform. This article will help you learn how to prepare and adapt to the upcoming changes.

In a nutshell, on September 13, 2021, Facebook is removing dealers’ ability to post vehicle listings from Partner Catalogs in several countries, including Canada and the U.S. This includes Marketplace Homepage, category pages and search results. Facebook will discontinue Marketplace distribution for listings provided by catalogue feeds, but those feeds will continue to be active for other existing and new Facebook products. This will affect how you use Facebook to sell your units. Read on to better understand the reasons behind Facebook’s decision, as well as your alternative options, so you can continue using Facebook Marketplace.

Until now, Facebook allowed you to have an automated Marketplace feed for the Partner Catalog. After September 13, dealers will only be able to manually create and post vehicles on Marketplace to continue to have them visible for free.

According to Facebook, their changes should improve the user experience for both auto advertisers and consumers, and there is an increased demand for shipped goods with onsite checkout. This shift should support this increased demand for onsite checkout, but, unfortunately, it comes at a cost for ecommerce clients like dealerships, who relied on the free advertising capabilities of Facebook.

There are, however, still a few solutions for you that allow you to advertise your inventory on Facebook. 

A screenshot of vehicle listings on Facebook.

One solution is to display your full vehicle inventory in the Vehicles tab on your dealership Page. This is a customized tab created on the business page where dealers can organically showcase their inventory. If you’re already subscribed to our Facebook feed, this will continue to be active on your Facebook page. If you don’t see a Vehicle’s Tab on your business page, please contact us.

A second option is to advertise to consumers with Facebook’s automotive inventory ads (AIA), which gives you the flexibility to target certain demographics. Marketplace will continue to be an available placement for automotive ads. You can also continue to leverage the On-Facebook destination, which is a mobile-optimized shopping experience on the Facebook platform. We recommend you spend roughly $5-$10 per vehicle with these ads (including the 25 percent management fee for digital ad spend).

Finally, you can manually create and post vehicles to Facebook Marketplace. We are currently exploring other solutions for dealers so they do not need to manually create these themselves. We will share any updates and additional products as we have more information.

You don’t need to cancel your Facebook Marketplace feed with EDealer. Basically, your feed will be renamed Facebook Catalogue Feed and will include posting your used inventory on your Vehicle tab and advertising your inventory through AIA if you’re a Digital Advertising customer. 

Have questions? Reach out to us so we can help you adjust to the new Facebook Marketplace.