Meet our newest Certified Partner: Autocorp

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You’ve got many processes in place to build rapport and trust with every client. But with digital retailing, how do you determine if a potential customer is financially credible? How can a customer trust that you’re giving them a good deal?

At the dealership, approving a customer’s credit is one of the last steps in the financing office. Online, things work a little differently. Customers browse a plethora of online dealerships and they’re usually more information-savvy. These individuals expect some or all parts of the deal to happen online but they may not even know what they’re qualified to buy. How can they navigate a digital car purchase without multiple credit checks affecting their score?

On the other side of the equation, dealers want to protect against fraud and ensure their shoppers are financially responsible. This can put dealers in a tough spot, where they may be forced to negotiate blindly with online leads in their system before they can trust that a sale will go through. As a dealer, you want a high approval ratio early in your sales process, so you don’t waste any time. You want high-intent customers.

The answer to these concerns is finding digital solutions that build trust early, quickly, and easily. A fast “no-hit” credit check helps develop that trust between customer and dealer. Enter AVA Credit, the credit-score product from Autocorp. This latest addition to our Certified Partner Program allows you to confirm a customer’s eID so you can protect yourself against identity theft. With AVA Credit, you will receive the customer’s credit range, inquiry history, and current auto loan information—without it affecting their credit score. 

AVA Credit removes the initial online credit barrier where customers often ask, “Will this affect my credit score?” It significantly increases the number of online car shoppers to complete and engage with credit applications on your website. 

The tool provides your customers with a sense of security & information around their creditworthiness while driving more verified data than ever before to dealers to make data-driven desking possible. 

Close-up of a woman's hand holding a smart phone with an AVA Credit summary.

Autocorp combines its expertise with world-leading technologies to bring consumers and dealerships a suite of digital retailing products primarily focused on credit and financial services. As experts in the automotive technology space, Autocorp delivers innovative solutions to support customers during the buying process, increases efficiency for dealerships and creates incredible experiences for both parties. 

Digital experiences require care and forethought. It’s important to consider the many steps in the entire sales process to ensure they’re available to customers in the most seamless integration possible. Digital integration isn’t only about “wow”-ing your shoppers with high-resolution graphics and providing them important info. Those aspects of digital commerce are important, but we must not forget the less-exciting but all-too-vital parts of the process, like online deposits and credit checks. When a customer sees these steps are seamlessly pre-built into their user journey, they will come to trust the online process and your business. They’ll follow through and buy from you. AVA Credit provides that missing step of the digital journey.

According to a Google study, only one in 100 cars was sold online in 2018. By comparison, in just the first half of 2020, one in ten cars was sold online. The pandemic pushed the digital transformation of automotive e-commerce and the numbers of online car sales increased tenfold in just two years. At EDealer, we are always on the lookout for the best tools and features to improve your digital sales experience so you can optimize your bottom line in this revolutionized industry. If you’re interested in using AVA Credit on your dealer website, get in touch with our team today.