Our Digital Advertising department is here to help you sell more cars online, but a lot goes into that thanks to the expertise of our seasoned strategists.

Digital Advertising at EDealer consists of four main mediums: Search, Display, Social and Video. Operating through these four prime mediums allows us to deliver fully-managed solutions that stay up-to-date with the modern and ever-changing demands of the auto industry.

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Types of Digital Advertising

Search Advertising

Matching a user’s search query with an ad that satisfies their specific needs is the prime objective when it comes to Search Advertising. Not only do these ads serve to get in front of the searchers that you want them to, but it also does double duty in bumping out your competitors, so your ad will be shown instead of theirs. For those with an eye toward cost-effective search ads, we utilize several tools that will keep your budget in check.

Google Bing
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising matches user search intent in a search engine
Search ads provide a prime opportunity to usurp competitors in the SERP

Display Advertising

We know that you may be working under a strict budget, and through our Display Advertising means we can create cost-conscious solutions that don’t sacrifice on quality. These visually-appealing ads drive traffic, leads, build awareness and shepherd the user across the purchase funnel with ease. All-encompassing access and a swath of opportunity presents itself to reach both untapped and familiar audiences.

Google Microsoft Programmatic Networks
Reach customers with engaging images and creative, along with building brand awareness
Guide users step-by-step through the purchase funnel

Social Advertising

Social media isn’t just about connecting with friends and family, the comprehensive advertising networks on these platforms allow you to both direct traffic to your dealership and develop brand awareness. Whether through the reach of Facebook, the visual flair of Instagram, the professional world of LinkedIn or any other of the specialized avenues of social media sites, we’ll help put you down the path that works for your goals.

Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Leverage a number of engaging targeting options
Wide selection of campaign styles
Vivid images and content to easily connect with your desired demographics

Video Advertising

People are watching more videos than ever, making it fertile ground for your ads. Just as videos are eye-catching, so will the ads that accompany them. Not only do these ads strike a visual punch, but they’re targeted directly at those demographic and topic interests who would appeal most to your dealership offerings. YouTube and the Facebook Audience Network provide ample opportunity to inform and amuse a captive audience.

YouTube Audience Network
Attention-grabbing creative takes advantage of the vivid imagery and possibilities made easy through modern video capabilities
Demographic, interest, and topic targeting strengthens the branding and message directed to your target market

Targeted Direct Mail

90% of your website visitors leave without a trace.

Utilizing Power Target, you can now engage with approximately half of those who leave your website without engagement.

Software captures an average of 42% of visitors who leave the site without engaging
Engages the visitor with customized offers through direct mail
Google SEO art

Ready to increase your Customer Reach?

Delivering ads with effective messaging, appealing images and distinct engagement measures help set them apart from the competition, and engage your targeted users in a seamless experience. We want to assist you toward a more effective marketing funnel, all while reducing your costs, that’s the bottom line at EDealer. Explore the Digital Advertising solutions available to you, from us, and see how we can help your dealership take the next step.

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