Dynamic inventory advertising is a new way for auto dealerships to attract interested buyers and expand their online auto sales. It’s a new and effective way to reach customers of specific demographics, targeting people using keyword searches. It’s being used across a variety of industries to great success, and auto dealers consider it especially valuable.


Being able to provide the right ad to a person at just the right moment leads to higher click-through rates—and ultimately more purchases.

Let’s take a look at how dynamic inventory advertising works and why it’s a boon to the automotive dealership industry.


How It Works

When someone conducts a Google search for terms that are similar to the titles and phrases you use frequently on your website, AdWords will use these titles and phrases to “select a landing page and generate a clear, relevant headline for your ad.”

So, for example, when someone in your community searches for “used Toyota Corolla Toronto,” dynamic inventory advertising will pull information directly from your website—e.g., that page that shows the nine used Toyota Corollas you have in your inventory—to generate a targeted ad.

In this way, you now have an interested visitor landing directly on the page he or she is looking for. You’re responsible for what is found there, but enabling users to find the information they’re looking for is becoming faster and easier than ever before.

Targeting Options

To make this process work, dynamic inventory advertising can use a variety of methods to match searchers and their search terms with content from your website. You’re able to select which options work best for you from landing pages listed in your standard ad groups, categories, or page feeds to get very focused targeting.

With continuously changing inventory, casting a broad net that updates as quickly as your stock does will be beneficial to your dealership.

Benefits of Dynamic Inventory Advertising

Dynamic inventory advertising can save you a lot of time; you won’t need to map keywords and other text to every single product on your website, but you will still benefit from reaching broader markets as users search for products you offer. Your ads will also be automatically updated often to ensure relevant, dynamic headlines are kept up to date.

With dynamic inventory advertising, you gain control of your campaigns; you can show ads for specific pages on your website (or turn off certain pages if you’re currently out of stock). You’ll also gain further control of the way your messaging is worded.

And, as always in the digital realm, you’ll start developing a broader understanding of your clientele as you bring in more visitors from across the web. You’ll be able to track their data and see how they react once on your site when using analytics. You’ll be better able to hone your content generate more sales.

Dynamic inventory advertising is taking advantage of new Google developments, which, in turn, your dealership can take advantage of to reach a broader client base. People who would have previously missed your offers because their keywords were different than yours will now start seeing your targeted ads. More than an automotive market trend, it’s a powerful tool to add to your automotive marketing mix.