On Build and Price, New In-Stock Inventory and Showroom, it will show the Year/Make/Model and Finance/Lease payment information on the homepage of the last vehicle that you visited.

Here an example on Showroom, if you visit this link: http://www.buddscadillac.com/new-vehicles/select-trim/2016-cadillac-cts-330-luxury-%20-%20-automatic-rear_wheel_drive-%20-%20.html and then visit the homepage: http://www.buddscadillac.com/

New Showroom

When you go to an Used Inventory VDP and then visit the homepage, the message on the banner will change to show you the lowest priced vehicle for that Year, Make, and Model and how many models are left in-stock.

Here is an example, if you visit this link: http://www.buddscadillac.com/used/vehicle/2015-cadillac-cts-36l-luxury-id850201.htm and then visit the homepage: http://www.buddscadillac.com/

You will see this on the banner, the Shop Now button takes you to the VLP that shows you the 6 models they have in-stock, the Shop By feature will take you to the VLP: http://www.buddscadillac.com/used/2015-Cadillac-CTS.html

In-stock Used Inventory

Here are the business rules:

  1. Retargeting messages are persistent, which means if you close the site and come back a week or two later, you will be served the last retargeting message, which would be your last vehicle you visited.
  2. The messages will stay up there for 60 days
  3. If incentives are expired and new incentives are available, it will recalculate the payments with the new incentives
  4. If the in-stock vehicle is sold, we remove the message