Facebook is constantly fine-tuning and innovating their ad platform to better serve auto dealers. Facebook Canvas ads are a prime example of exactly that.

Canvas ads, as explained by Facebook are: “Easy-to-create, full screen experiences.” These experiences are “mobile-optimized and designed to capture complete attention of your audience.”

Watch the video below to see how they work:



Think of Canvas ads as a microsite between Facebook and your full website. Using plenty of rich media you’ll have the ability to build awareness, showcase inventory and qualify customers before pointing them to the dealership website to convert.

Results So Far

We are currently testing Canvas ads with a number of our dealers and preliminary data suggests the following:

  • Canvas ads have a significantly lower bounce rate than traditional Facebook ads
  • Users who visit a website as a result of a Canvas ad spend more time on site and visit more pages
  • On average, Canvas ads have a higher Relevance Score, meaning they’re received better by users

If you’re interested in testing Canvas ads. It’s important to get the creative right and take a different approach than you would with a traditional Facebook ad.

Facebook Canvas image


The most important piece of your creative is the first step. The user must be directed to click a small drop down arrow to enter the Canvas experience.

Once the canvas is expanded, the creative must be compelling. The goal is to take the user on an interactive journey that eventually ends with a website visit.

In the example above Jeep focuses on key vehicle features using cinemagraphs, photos and videos before giving the user CTA options that drive traffic to the website.

The ideal Canvas experience should be between 15-30 seconds.

Try Facebook Canvas Ads

If you’d like to test Facebook’s exciting new creative ad type with new or existing campaigns, send an email to ian.mcdougald@edealer.ca or call 226-208-2506 and we’ll help you paint a beautiful picture with Facebook Canvas.