As of July 1, 2023, Google Analytics 4 will replace Universal Analytics as the next-generation measurement solution. As the implementation date approaches, we thought that we would provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our dealer partners.

What is EDealer’s plan for Google Analytics 4 implementation?

EDealer has been in the process of migrating all website clients from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 since the summer of 2022, with all sites having a GA4 account created by May 1, 2023, with implementation on your website via Google Tag Manager (GTM).

As a member of the Automotive Standards Council, EDealer will be implementing the same industry-wide conversion and goals spec as other members via a global, EDealer-owned Google Tag Manager account that houses your dealership’s individual (owned) GA4 account, in addition to all goals and conversions tags and triggers.

Once all accounts have been provisioned and thorough QA has been completed to ensure that conversion tracking is happening as expected, your dealership’s GA4 account will have ownership transferred over to the dealership’s primary contact, but the installation on-site will always be through the global container.

Is there anything my dealership needs to do for GA4 migration?

GA4 migration has already been completed for all website clients. The only website clients with Universal Analytics accounts that were not migrated by EDealer were dealer groups who had previously communicated that they wished to handle their own migration internally.

If code implementation is taking place via a global, EDealer-owned GTM container, does that mean the dealership does not own their own data?

EDealer’s position is that all dealers should own their own analytics data. The implementation of your store’s GA4 code via a global GTM container ensures that conversion tracking for the Automotive Standards Council spec can take place at scale.

If you were to ever leave EDealer as a client, we would remove your store’s GA4 code from our global GTM container at off-boarding and you would be able to apply it from there with your next provider.

If you haven’t done so already, please provide your Performance Manager or Sales rep the email address that EDealer can transfer ownership of your GA4 property and individual GTM container to.

What if I don’t see a GA4 code in the header of my website? Does this mean it is not tracking?

The only Google code you should see in the header of your website is a GTM container ID, you will not see GA4 codes implemented directly into the header of the website.

I can see two GTM containers applied in the header of my website. Which one is which?

EDealer’s global GTM container houses your GA4 code and the global goal/conversion tags and triggers. Your store may also have an individual GTM container that we are using to house all other codes applied to your site, but this container should not include GA4, otherwise, you are compromising your data by installing the GA4 code twice, which would result in artificial inflation of your website’s performance metrics.

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