Do you want to give your prospective buyers the best virtual experience? Give EDealer’s new certified partner a spin.

The EDealer Certified Partner Program focuses on efficient and uninterrupted third-party tool integration on our dealer websites. As part of the program, EDealer supports the installation and maintenance of certified vendor tools on all mutual dealer partner sites. The newest addition to our Certified Partner Program is SpinCar.

SpinCar adds an immersive, interactive demonstration of your units to your website. The tool gives your customers the ability to direct their own experience as they scope out your inventory, while also offering a level of detail and interactivity never offered in automotive digital retailing.

360° WalkArounds

It’s this kind of user experience that is revolutionizing the industry. SpinCar’s 360° WalkArounds are the closest customers can get to the in-person experience when checking out a car. It brings features to life and gives users a sense of exploration in a virtual setting, instead. According to Google Think, 56% of auto shoppers could be convinced to buy a car from SpinCar's 360° WalkAround without having to test drive the vehicle. 

You can see a demonstration of a 360° WalkAround above. You’ll notice embedded clickable hotspots. This feature allows customers to zoom in and see close-ups of key features. 

One reason SpinCar is so effective for your digital sales strategy is the transparency it offers. Spins, close-ups and pans of high-quality photos provide an unprecedented level of detail, which builds client confidence and trust. For trade-ins and used cars, SpinCar’s Damage Tagging solution is very relevant. Damage Tagging gives shoppers increased transparency with detailed condition reporting, providing close-up images and details on the type and severity of the damage. That also helps reduce surprises and last-minute haggling!

Feature Tour

Feature Tour is the second product available from SpinCar. Feature Tour provides a personalized showcase of each vehicles’ unique features based on the shopper’s specific interests, using OEM-approved multi-media visuals and explainer content. This allows you to move the conversation beyond price by differentiating your inventory and setting your units apart with value-added features highlighted above the fold. Feature Tour is well-laid out, interactive, and easy to understand. This makes it more exciting to use than a cluttered text box with a laundry list of obscure terms and technical jargon that customers would normally wade through.

Feature Tour significantly increases engagement and reduces bounce rate by keeping interested shoppers on your VDPs longer and eliminating the need to leave your site to research features or options. And because SpinCar tracks what features each user looks at, your sales team has the insights they need to provide truly personalized follow-ups.

F&I Advantage

Normally, when clients visit a dealership, they have little or no information about F&I. That part of the sales process comes after the customer is ready to pick up the car they’ve purchased, which is why it is the biggest source of customer frustration and dissatisfaction with the buying process. Customers dislike feeling pressured and upsold at the end of a long shopping journey - and that leads to low attachment rates, charge-backs and low CSI scores. SpinCar changes this model by educating potential buyers ahead of time when it’s most relevant: during the shopper journey when they’re considering vehicle makes, models and options. F&I Advantage provides a wealth of information about warranty and protection plans, right in the VDP of your EDealer website. 

As SpinCar encourages users to direct their own experience, they can learn in-depth information about these plans and options, offering them a level of transparency and education not offered by an in-store visit. You can personalize F&I product recommendations with SpinCar’s Needs Assessment and customize product offerings based on vehicle type, make, and mileage. Best of all, the F&I manager will be informed before the customer’s interests and can personalize their approach.

With its thoughtful implementation that is informed by what a prospective buyer actually experiences when they’re shopping for a car, SpinCar is the next evolutionary step in digital merchandising and engagement. It encourages consumers to be confident in their automotive shopping choices right from the comfort of their home. We’re proud to offer SpinCar as one of many third-party tools offered through our Certified Partner Program. 

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