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What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile – formerly known as Google My Business* – is an integral part of any business’ online presence. This handy profile populates when a user searches for a business name or phone number. 

*As of Nov. 2021, Google has rebranded the name of this service from “Google My Business” to “Google Business Profile.” As this change is relatively recent, you may still see it referred to as Google My Business, but it is all the same service. We’ll be referring to it as Google Business Profile in this article.

Customers often find businesses by searching for the service they’re looking for through Google Search. If a customer is searching for a service provided by a dealership, they’ll be more apt to visit a local dealer. This is where your Google Business Profile comes into play.

When properly optimized, your Google Business Profile (GBP) features important information about your dealership: the address, phone number, website link, hours, reviews and so much more. You can get users to engage with your GBP by providing up-to-date information, business updates, and photos. 

At EDealer, we set up our clients for success by establishing every aspect of your digital presence. Your GBP is a vital part of that process. Creating an up-to-date and fully optimized profile provides customers (new and old) a natural point of contact for your dealership. 

In our next blog post, we’ll explore some best practices for Google Business Profile. Today, we explain how a simple trick can help generate leads through your GBP. Google Business Profile is not just a practical tool – it’s a great place to advertise specific services.

One Simple Trick: Add a Guaranteed Trade Product Tile

Some businesses don’t realize they have the option to add links to their products via the GBP profile. The “Products” section of the GBP allows you to add individual product entries, complete with an image, title, price, description and link to its page on your website. This creates an eye-catching carousel of your products that will stand out to anyone who’s perusing your profile. 

A screenshot of the "Products" section of Davey Auto Sales' Google Business Profile, which features visuals and copy advertising Guaranteed Trade.

The Products section of a Google Business Profile.

The trick is simple but it works. If you use our Guaranteed Trade (GT) service, this all you need to do: 

  1. Create a GT product entry in the “Products” section of your GBP profile. 
  2. Include a brief description like ““Are you interested in finding out how much your vehicle is worth to sell or trade in? Simply click here to visit our Guaranteed Trade tool and discover its value!” 
  3. Link to the GT tool, complete with proper tracking.*

That’s it. That’s the whole “trick.” 

Best yet, we can assist you through the entire set-up, from getting the GT image for the product tile to adding it to your GBP. 

*All clients will have a tracking code attached to their GT link so that we can monitor how much business is generated through this simple but effective practice. 

Why Guaranteed Trade? During this inventory struggle, it’s crucial that you leverage every opportunity to acquire more units. Many dealers are looking to the consumer market as a source. Consumers looking to sell their car want to quickly determine the best and easiest dealership to meet their needs, especially one that’s local. You can create immediate awareness for this service early on in a customer’s search by linking to Guaranteed Trade on your GBP. This improves your chances of securing their vehicle. 

Many consumers want to feel empowered with the trade-in process because it gives them a certain amount of control. That’s why we created Guaranteed Trade. These customers can find out their trade-in value from home and know what their car is worth before they even have to show up at any physical location. This kind of consumer is savvy with internet research. They want to know all of their options before they commit. By providing this information early on to the customer through their local search, you help them narrow down their best option to your store, before they explore other competitors. 

The Google Business Profile of the dealership Davey Auto Sales, which features Guaranteed Trade in the Products section.

This is what your Google Business Profile can look like if you add Guaranteed Trade to the Products section.

While this solution may seemingly just be a small entry on your Google Business Profile, it’s worth remembering that it’s often the small things that lead to big results. Optimizing your GBP is one part of your sales and marketing strategy, and you won’t want to miss out on this simple opportunity to generate leads.

EDealer can set this up for you

We provide SEO expertise in a variety of packages to suit your needs. These include our Local SEO packages, designed so that you don’t have to worry about your Google Business Profile. Local SEO optimization allows you to expertly market to your direct search area and target nearby customers looking for businesses like yours. When we take care of it for you, we improve how you show up in local search. We also keep up to date with the latest trends so that your GBP will always stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re already a Local SEO client of ours, we’ll provide a customized Guaranteed Trade image for the product entry, which will match your website’s visual identity and branding. This enhances your digital presence with a polished, professional look that will set you apart from your competition.

If you’re not an SEO client of ours yet, no worries. Contact us and we’ll provide a generic GT image that you can still use to create a dedicated GT product entry on your GBP profile. 

Ready to turbo boost your leads? Let’s talk about the best solutions for your business. Whether that’s signing up for Guaranteed Trade or Local SEO or improving your Google Business Profile, EDealer is here to help.