Every day we’re subjected to an incredible amount of information, making it easy for important messages to get lost in the mix. While years of repetition has made the importance of winter tires more than apparent to anyone in the automotive industry, it’s still a message that needs to be shared with the general public on a yearly basis. Yes, that very same general public that has a lot on its collective plate right now, making cutting through the noise difficult to do (especially when you’ve got a dealership to run). 

But that’s where we come in. Not just experts in online car sales, we’ve got a trick or two up our seasonally-appropriate sleeves to help you ensure your customers know just how important winter tires are, and how easy you plan on making it for them to enjoy a winter of traction. Read on as we break down the five steps to elevate your tire season strategy: a way of helping you share this vital information, leaving your revenue snowballing while keeping your customers both safe and happy.

1. Website

The first step is making it easy for your customers, accomplished by something as simple as adding a link to your Tire Centre in your dealership website’s primary navigation. By directing all of your tire-related paid and organic search traffic to one place, you’ll put your customers right where they need to be—in your wheelhouse, literally—making things incredibly easy for them! Just how easy? Well, by leveraging a software tool from our friends QQuote, you can provide your customers with a quote on a tire package as soon as they’ve shared the make and model of their vehicle.

2. Tools

We’ve crunched the numbers and, by leveraging an alliance with the stellar software provided by QQuote, dealers utilizing this tool have typically experienced a 30-60% lift in tire sales! That’s like how you tell your customers that, according to a series of tests run by Consumer Reports, vehicles with winter tires stopped six feet shorter than all-season tires on icy roads. Not only is that great social distancing protocol, but those are the types of hard numbers that can really sell a customer on a set of winter tires. That’s the type of information you’re happy to share with your customers.

3. Content

Enthralled by the copy you’ve read so far? Charmed by our topical references? Great—this is the type of copy that, when properly optimized, lets your landing pages and blog posts conquer search! With strong keyword research, knowledge of the importance of winter tires, and engaging content, you will capture your customers’ attention. Are there any legacy pages with incorrect pricing, out-of-date information, or duplicate content on your site? You’ll want to ensure that they’re flagged and hidden from search. This sort of organic traffic does a great job at attracting customers, as well as creating insight into the demographics ripe for targeted advertising.

4. Advertising

As early as the first week of September, Canadian customers’ search queries shift from “school supplies” to “winter tires.” Knowing this, wouldn’t you love a head start on the competition, thanks to highly relevant, targeted, tailored ad copy about winter tire specials at your dealership? How about custom winter tire ads, delivered straight to the social media feeds of potential customers? 

Successful digital advertising utilizes a multi-step retargeting strategy that helps lead customers along the purchase funnel from, “Hey, it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season at Starbucks,” to, “Hey, my local (insert OEM here) dealership has a deal on winter tires”—conveniently dropping them off at a landing page where they can book an appointment or use the QQuote to receive an estimate on a new set of tires. Familiarizing yourself with this sort of digital advertising strategy is a surefire way to see greater online success and, in the process, win winter tire season.

5. Email & Social

Finally, a focus on customized email marketing blasts and relevant social media posts for your dealership will deliver tremendous value to your dealership, keeping your customers apprised of the flurry of savings they’re about to be inundated with—just in time for winter tire season.

The Next Step: Tire Season Turnkey Solution

Improving your winter tire sales this season is good for both you and your customers, but finding the time to do so isn’t always easy. That’s where EDealer is happy to come in—giving you the boost you need to win tire season. Our five step system has been carefully designed to ensure we cut through all the white noise, targeting your customers before all that white stuff falls. And the best part is, you can sit back, relax, and watch those winter tire sales improve by utilizing these well researched and vetted techniques. To learn more about our Tire Season Turnkey Solution simply contact your Performance Manager, or get in touch with us via the link below, and you’ll be a step closer to winning winter tire season!