Selling vehicles isn’t always easy. These are big purchases that take time and careful thought before a person is ready to commit. The buying cycle is often long, and customers do a lot of research. Marketing your brand, dealership, and inventory can go a long way to ensuring customers choose your dealership above the rest.


If you’re trying to increase sales for your dealership, investing in automotive marketing services is a great first step. With so many different needs and wants in your market to consider, it may be wise to consult with marketing experts. But regardless of which customers you’re trying to draw attention from, automotive marketing services are going to focus on several broad categories to get you sales.

Here are five automotive marketing services that will help you increase sales.


1. Better Website Designs

In today’s digital age, your website is your number-one sales rep. It’s the face of your dealership and the first entity that prospects are likely to see first. Putting the time and care into your website is a necessity.

What does each person want and need? How do they try to find that information? For that matter, how do they find your site? Work with the experts to build a quality website with the tools, customer experience, and content users are looking for.

2. Inventory Solutions

In any other industry, it can be tough to keep your website up to date. When it comes to dealerships, it can seem impossible. New vehicles are constantly being introduced on your lot while others are being sold out. How do you market a constantly changing inventory across multiple digital platforms?

Taking full advantage of digital solutions to seamlessly integrate your inventory needs across the marketing landscape is one of the essential automotive marketing services.

3. Lead Management

Inbound marketing has fast become the go-to for all things marketing for the 21st century. That means you’re spending a lot of time creating quality content that will draw in interested audiences. But it also means you now need to spend a lot of time monitoring where potential customers are in the buyer’s journey.

With effective lead management tools, this process becomes easy, automatic, and seamless.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

There’s a wealth of exposure to be had with SEM.

Get connected to your client base with effective, well-targeted ads with strong calls to action.

5. Strategic Plans

These are all great automotive marketing services, but they fall apart if not considered holistically. To really gain the benefits of each, you should have a strategic plan to draw them all together—feeding off of and supporting one another to the end goal of more sales for your dealership. Strategy can be daunting, but with the right consulting help, it will make a world of difference to your business.

These five automotive marketing services, used in tandem, will do a lot to transform your dealership.