Great news! Instagram recently announced an exciting new ad type and expanded creative options on their advertising platform.

We’ve been helping dealers reach more customers through Facebook and Instagram and now we have more flexible ad types to help drive leads, traffic and sales for your dealership.

Instagram Lead Generation

This new ad type has been incredibly successful for our dealerships on Facebook, specifically those interested in generating subprime leads for their dealership. Acura of Hamilton continues to perform well, so well in fact, Facebook decided to create a case study in conjunction with EDealer to highlight their success.

To date, Acura of Hamilton’s subprime cost-per-lead is $26.12.


An example of Facebook lead gen advertising for Acura of Hamilton. The process will be very similar on Instagram.

In addition to the powerful audience targeting that social platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer, the success is a result of a seamless user experience.

Firstly, the user doesn’t need to leave the ad platform, in this case Instagram, in order to convert as a lead. The entire process takes place on Instagram.

Secondly, lead information auto populates based on the user profile. Instagram already has information like name, email address and phone number. Instead of a user manually entering their information the platform will do this for them.

Instagram lead generation ads can feature a single image, video or the newly revamped carousel.

New Creative Opportunities

There’s been a tonne of hype surrounding Instagram’s latest announcement which allows all users to “post up to 10 photos or videos as a swipeable carousel”.

Your dealership should be leveraging this creative ad / post type organically and with your paid marketing.

Imagine the level of detail your dealership could communicate about a vehicle using 10 photos or videos. Alternatively, imagine a lead generation ad that walks a user through the application process using a few easy to understand steps. The opportunities are endless!

How EDealer Can Help

Want to try start generating leads on Instagram? Let us give you a hand and ensure your Instagram campaigns can generate as many leads as possible with a budget you’re comfortable with.

Shoot us an email or give us a call to chat about marketing on Instagram.