The Notice Bar plugin allows you to prominently display important message(s) for users on your website. These messages can link to inner pages for more information.
Notice Bar Example

To use the Notice Bar plugin, you can follow the directions below.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website
  2. Open the “Notice Bar” plugin on the left
    Notice Bar Setup 1
  3. Select Enable (You may already see a test option added, you can replace it)
    Notice Bar Setup 2
  4. Select the background and text colours. You can select a colour from the tool or use hex colour codes from the document below:
    Notice Bar Setup 3
  5. To add a message, select “Add Row”. You will then see a Notice Message and Notice Link option.
    Notice Bar Setup 4

    • The text you want displayed should be added to “Notice Message”
    • The link/linked text should be added to “Notice Link”. To add it, open “Select Link”, add the URL and the text that will link. See example below: Notice Bar Setup 5
  6. To have multiple Notices select “Add Row” at the bottom and repeat step 5 above for all additional messages. They will appear as a slider on the front end.
  7. Select Update on the right and changes will reflect on your website.
    Notice Bar Setup 6

See an example below of a complete set up:

Notice Bar Setup Final