What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing focused on building website traffic and lead conversions through increased visibility in search engines like Google. This is accomplished through the use of paid ad placements based upon a bidding system which determines position and cost to the advertiser.

Automotive Shopper That Can be Influenced First by PPC Ads

Automotive Shopper That Can be Influenced First by PPC Ads

Who Uses Search Engine Marketing?

The great thing about SEM is its drastic and immediate impact on results. Companies across all industries around the world utilize SEM to both help build their business and sustain their brand. Many of today’s top performing dealers, dealer groups, and automotive classified websites leverage SEM as a top performing piece of their marketing mix.

Do people actually click on those ads?

Yes. If they didn’t, Google wouldn’t be one of the largest companies in the world.

How will SEM benefit my Dealership?

When executed with experience and knowledge of the industry, SEM can dominate the other channels in your marketing mix through pure production and return on investment. The point of SEM is to get out in front of the consumers who are seeking the products you have on the lot – that’s it! Unlike the early days of online marketing, there are no tricks or “magic” to employ. It’s simple; influence the consumer’s behavior by delivering the advertisement for the vehicle they seek – FIRST. With that said, as in any good business opportunity – there are risks.

Where can SEM go wrong?

Unfortunately, where there is a market for a service, there will always be imitators. SEM is a premium and specialized service, which when employed by a professional can provide a drastic and immediate impact to your bottom line. However, there are many SEM “experts” working out of their mothers’ basement and implementing template cookie cutter solutions which will blow your budget and your mind along with it. There are also extremely professional services available which have very little knowledge of the automotive industry. The risk in employing a non-automotive focused SEM provider lies in the understanding of what drives consumer behavior – and it’s not purely ads.

PPC Results In More Web Site Leads and Ultimately Greater ROI

PPC Results In More Web Site Leads and Ultimately Greater ROI

Successful SEM

To win in SEM, go with someone with experience you can trust. e-Dealer has been managing automotive focused SEM since early 2003 (before SEM was SEM) with a proven track record of providing superior SEM strategy and service. Still skeptical? The proof is in the numbers – request an in depth demo to learn how SEM will more than double your dealerships ROI in advertising.