The Pop-ups plugin allows you to quickly enable and schedule popups on your website.

Note: Looking for a quick pop-up option to indicate you are open by appointment only? See a few options here:

PowerUp Example

To use the pop-up on your website, see the directions below.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website

  2. Open the “Popups” plugin on the left

    Popups Setup 1
  3. At the top select “Add New Popup”
    Popups Setup 2
  4. Popup Settings:
    Popups Setup 3     - Popup types: Easiest options is an image pop-up
    - Popup Start and End Date: If selected the pop-up will only be added on the start date and will come down on the end date.
    - Target pages: You can select the Homepage, All WordPress pages or a specific landing page
  5. Popup Content:
    Popups Setup 4.    - Select image: You can upload an image from your computer to be used.
    - Image Link: Would you like the pop-up to link anywhere?
  6. Popup Styles: These are not necessary unless you would like to customize your pop-up further
    Popups Setup 5
  7. Once complete, select “Publish” on the right.
    Popups Setup 6