Power Target
by Mitaa Data
90% of your website visitors leave without a trace. Utilizing Power Target, you can now engage with approximately half of those who leave your website without engagement.
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How it works

  • 1Software captures an average of 42% of visitors who leave the site without engaging
  • 2Identifies missed opportunities
  • 3Engages the visitor through customized but not overly personalized postal mail
  • 4Message hyper-targeted to the visitor


  • One-time set-up charge.
  • No surprise billing - monthly budget includes data, printing and postage.
  • Select the type of mailer you want to use - postcard, trifold or complex.
  • Engagement mailer tell your story and can include an offer or call to action
  • Create mailer using templates, or let the team design a mailer for you based on your website content.
  • Ongoing, automated program that helps build brand awareness and generate demand.
  • Heat maps showing website activity geographically.


Direct Marketing Pieces
5x7 $1.90 each
6x9 $2.25 each
Recommended Budget
$2500.00 = gets you 1,315 5x7's