Do you want to create your own custom vehicle landing page for each unit? Do you want to highly special features? Is there a product you want to sell from your business office? Our new Products Plug-in makes creating and updating custom inside landing pages a snap! Learn more here:

How To Use The Products Plugin

The Products plugin is used mainly to showcase certain vehicle models within your WordPress website. A Product page will contain certain vehicle properties, a vehicle image, various CTAs, a write-up on the vehicle, a contact form, and an inventory feed.

If you have this link in your wordpress admin menu products then you have the products plugin activated.

Adding a New Product

Click the “Add New” Link under the Product Menu.


The Basics – When creating a product page there are important things to consider

  • Product Title
  • Product Image – Try to get a large image with the product centered in the middle
  • Product Properties – What properties do you want displayed about the product, i.e MSRP, Number of Airbags, Number of Passengers
  • Product Links – What CTA links do you want to add on the page (choose from Internal WordPress Pages or add External Links)
  • Inventory Feed – Do you want to display an inventory feed for this product

Product Properties

Product properties include these editable areas: Subtitle & Repeatable Detail Fields. The Repeatable details fields are made up of 4 sub fields; Label, Text, Sub-text & Icon. See Below for an example. You can add as many repeatable detail fields as you would like (we recommend 4 – 5).


Product Links

Pick between linking out to local WordPress Pages or external links (Such as Inventory or Build and Price Pages). You can add as many repeatable Link fields as you would like (we recommend 4).


Adding an Inventory Feed

To add an inventory feed to your products page, first click “Enable inventory on this product page”. Then paste an inventory URL in the field below the checkbox. We recommend opening up your inventory page(NewUsed, or All) and then filter down to the model or trim you want shown and then paste that URL in the box above. For example if you want to show only Audi A4, you would put, if you wanted to show used Honda Civics you would put

Lastly you can select the number of vehicles to display from that feed.

Adding a Product Link in your Menu

When your product page is complete, just go to Appearance > Menus. On the left where it lists, Pages, Posts, Products, ect. Click the Products tab and all your product pages will be displayed, then continue to add as if you were adding a regular page (Drag the link in the Menu under an inventory Menu item).


If Products is not listed, then click products-screen-options (At the top right of the page) . And check the Products check-box products2