Do you want to quickly and easily update monthly offers and promotions? eDealer’s custom Promotions Plug-in makes these updates dead simple. Learn more here:

How To Use the Promotions Plugin

If you have this link in your wordpress admin menu promotions then you have the promotions plugin activated.

Adding a New Promotion

Click the “Add New” link under the Promotions Menu.


The Basics – When creating a promotion there are 6 important things to consider:

  • The Promotion Title – Something catchy but not too long
  • Promotion Type – Is it a vehicle promotion, service promotion or parts promotion
  • Expiration Date – Does this promotion have an expiration date? This is not required but is sometimes useful as the promotion will remove itself from the active list of promotions when the expiration date is reached
  • Promotion Content – Content is key
  • Featured Image – This is more for aesthetic purposes and should not be an image with text on it (As it might get cutoff when cropped).
  • Promotional Addons – Extra functionality can be added to your promotion, ie make it printable, add a subtitle, etc.

Displaying My Active Promotions

Promotions might already be incorporated into your site, i.e. a slider on your homepage, or already built into your service specials page, but if not, you can output them easily by entering this shortcode on any page. Title, featured image, a small content excerpt, details page link, are all shown here. These are also refereed to as teasers.

[promotions format=”list” type=”all”]

format has two options, list or slider. List will output like the below picture. List allows for the promotional addons Print & Share.


Slider will output the below:


Type has four options, servicepartsvehicle and all (service & parts can be grouped together, using  type = service,parts. Whatever type is selected is the kind of promotion that will be displayed.

Promotions Vehicle Type

The vehicle type promotion is displayed a little different then a service or parts promotion. Vehicle promotions have a couple field options to choose from.

  • per month Lease or Finance value
  • multiple month Lease or Finance value, with option for money down value
  • money off i.e, Up to $2000, for Veteran’s Program
  • custom text  i.e. 4 Lease Payment

Things to note, Add a % or $ in the necessary fields. ie ‘Lease From $150‘ or ‘Lease From 1.5%‘. Also please note, only 3 Sections can be output at once, if you fill in all 4 rows, only the first 3 will show.


Promotions Detail Page

The List & Slider will only show a small excerpt of the promotional content, the promotions page (the link they go to when clicking “View Promo”) will show everything.


Each Promotion details page will include a general contact form, which can be turned off under Promotion Addons, in the Promo Details Page tab.