If you want the best search performance, plant your digital seeds now

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Customers start booking winter-tire appointments as early as September. And it takes search engines time to index your new digital content on your website and Google Business Profile (GBP). So it’s important to consider the timeline if you’re interested in leveraging upcoming seasonal profits. 

As crazy as it sounds, updating your GBP with wheel and tire products and tire-swap service cards about your winter-tire services today—yes, in late summer—is the best way to achieve success with local search performance. If you optimize your GBP and publish supplementary winter tire content on your website now, it will be indexed in time to come up in search for customers seeking winter tires in mid to late September.

We understand that content marketing and SEO optimization requires a lot of work for dealers, and many don’t see it as a priority when the weather is still warm. But think about it this way: If you want summer flowers, you don’t wait until July to plant seeds. You begin mid-May at the latest so they will bloom in time. Think of your search ranking performance like seeds that must be planted early to guarantee success. Other content that dealers use for winter-tire season, such as basic, minimal-information landing pages and third-party tire finder i-frames won’t help your cause because that type of content isn’t uniquely informative or originally published on your site. As a result, it doesn’t help you rank for winter-tire search queries. 

We understand unique content and SEO marketing requires a lot of work, so consider our services to help take the edge off. Our Local SEO Accelerate package, for example, includes Product & Services management that you can use now to ensure your brand appears in search until your organic website content options can be bolstered. Our Fixed Operations Content Marketing Plus option will also help you increase your dealership’s relevance for the specific services people are looking for. Offering incentives and promotions, like complementary wheel alignment or early-bird pre-order packages are helpful and will sustain you all season long. And once you have these offers and content put together, why not also promote them with targeted Google Search advertising to help conquer the entire search engine results page?

Beat the rush and boost your upcoming seasonal search results today! Contact us for more information about our SEO packages.