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When it comes to e-commerce in the automotive space, trade-in leads are some of the most valued for dealerships. Customers who have successfully completed a trade-in application or similar call to action on dealer websites present prime opportunities for conversion. With Guaranteed Offer, we’re making it easier than ever before for dealers to help customers on their trade-in journey.

What Makes Trade-In Leads So Valuable? 

One of the reasons trade-in leads are unique compared to other types of automotive leads is the user’s intent. Rather than receiving more information regarding a vehicle, part, service or special offered at your dealership, the user is interested in selling something to you. Whether they’re simply selling their vehicle to you or are looking to put their vehicle’s value towards a vehicle purchase, trade-in leads have more incentive to stay engaged with the process and successfully convert. 

Getting the Most Out of Trade-In Leads 

While calls to action and forms are a great way to gain and convert trade-in leads, dealers should always be looking for ways to optimize their conversion rates. By simplifying processes such as trade-in forms and offers, customers are more likely to convert. The faster, more convenient, and more streamlined the trade-in process is, the more confident and empowered the customer will feel. 

Guaranteed Offer

Guaranteed Offer’s Essential package is a remarkably efficient way to generate more qualified online trade-in leads and vehicle acquisition opportunities. Guaranteed Offer utilizes an intuitive web-based form that allows drivers to quickly receive information regarding their vehicle’s expected value. This tool provides an outstanding opportunity for dealers to expand their inventory of pre-owned vehicles. 

Empower Your Customers with Guaranteed Offer 

Interested in seeing how Guaranteed Offer – Essential could enhance your trade-in lead conversions? Don’t hesitate to explore our Demo Site to see how this customer-empowering tool works in a live environment.