Adding pre-ordered vehicles to your website is helpful to boost your sales

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During this inventory shortage, we know many dealerships are frustrated with the low inventory they can advertise on their website. This shortened merchandise list can have an impact not only on sales, but web engagement. Why should a customer stick around on your website if there are few cars to check out? There’s a good chance they’ll bounce to other dealerships even if they were impressed by your business for other reasons. We suggest different solutions to address this issue, and the key piece of advice we explore in this piece is that it helps to include your on-order list to your website inventory. 

Advertising your pre-ordered vehicles can help entice potential leads

By including the vehicles you have on order or in transit, you give customers all of their options up front. You are communicating that there may be a necessary wait before customers can receive their vehicle, but for many of them that’s an acceptable necessity, because it’s the case no matter which dealer they go with. Since we know car consumers like to do as much research as possible, it’s best to give them all of the information you have about your vehicles, including those on their way to your lot. This way customers will be better informed of their options and consider your dealership first instead of your competitor.

How to advertise your pre-ordered vehicles

Once your in-transit list has been added to the inventory backend, we can create a filter for the website that allows customers to differentiate between in-stock vehicles and in-transit vehicles. One way to communicate the difference for on-order cars is to include information in the vehicle listing itself. As an example, “Factory order required” can be included at the top of the listing so that the customer knows right away that the vehicle in question must be pre-ordered. We also recommend that you communicate to your clients – via your website, ad campaigns, and other content marketing – that ordering now is in their best interest, even if their purchase will take months to arrive. As interest rates go up, they are better off ordering and signing the paperwork now to lock in a lower rate. Adding incentives to your pre-ordered vehicles is a great way to consistently maintain customer engagement during this inventory shortage and increase your bottom line.

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